Set up your Mount

All the steps in video:


  • Clean the underside of the visor using cleaning alcohol, soapy water, disk brake cleaner...


  • Tilt your visor to the highest point.


  • Spot the right way for the Mount: Facing the helmet, the nut has to be on the left.


  • Put the GoPro onto it, using the M6 bolt. There is no need to tighten the screw yet.


  • Heat the tape with a lighter or a hair dryer for better adhesion. Then remove the red cover.


  • Stick the mount to the visor, checking the clearance allowing the GoPro to be angled correctly.


  • Angle the GoPro with the angle tool. This tool has two sides: DJ used to film your tricks and MTB to film conventional rides. These are base angles to help you, but they are not universal, they might vary slightly with your style and body shape.


  • Tighten the bolt slightly with a 4mm Allen key