About us

Who are we?

NoLine components has been created by an engineering student named Florian, who was joined right from the start by his friend and engineer Marc, who share the same passion for bikes and design.

Florian has been riding his whole life, starting with cross-country. He slowly drifted toward gravity, with enduro, freeride and slopestyle riding. He is now riding Dirt jump bike for 5 years, and enduro bike for 6 years.

Florian got his first GoPro pretty late, but fell in love with it pretty quickly. He started to create his own contraptions to film from different angles, such has "helicopter" and "unicorn" mounts. In 2018, Florian join the owlaps' team as an Enduro Ambassador, which role is to film the best quality POV videos in the region. Filming accessories gained even more interest.


How is it made?

All the products are designed, 3D printed and packed in France, using high quality materials. Every NoLine Product has been tested by Florian, Marc, theirs friends, and team riders.


We use the two main 3D printing processes to produce our components.

  • FDM (fused deposition modeling) which is the process everyone knows because it is commonly used. It uses a continuous filament of thermoplastic melted by a heating head controlled by precises motors. Well set up, this process can have a very high precision (0.025mm) and resolution (0.12mm).

  • SLA (StereoLithography Apparatus). This process uses UV sensitive resin that is polymerized layer by layer (0.05mm) by a UV LCD screen. It allows us to have a high precision as the screen has a 0.005 resolution.The part is then cleaned from the excess non-polymerized resin and detached from its support. Finally, it goes into a UV oven to cure, and gets painted if needed.

Despite the prejudices, both processes are quite similar in terms of final result. There are some advantages and disadvantages to bot of them, that is why certain products are made with a certain process.

 Ecology and responsibility

 Concerned with the environment and climate, we try our best to reduce waste and to use responsible materials. 

  • All FDM printed products are made with recycled filament, ether rPLA (Recycled biodegradable filament made with natural resources) or rPETG (Recycled PET filament, with ABS-like properties).

  • We provide every spare part of every product so that you never have to buy a full product if something breaks or gets lost.

  • We don't use any plastic to pack our products. Flyers are made with recycled paper. The tape we use is made with the "Hot Melt" glue process, which is more eco-friendly than usual.