What's next?

While launching the brand and store, we are still developing and testing new products.

  • Crankstop

We are currently working on and testing 2 variants of the crankstop. After developing the most common variants (Shimano and Dub), we are doing the same for Dartmoor Euro standard, in both 19 mm and 22mm size.

  • Bosch E-bike Motor cover

A friend who works as a bike mechanic in a Bikeshop asked us if we could make a cover for his bike motor, because he realized some companies do not protect their motor enough. In some part of the world where we mostly ride on rocks, motors can receive a beating if not protected. That is why we started to design a motor cover with a tight and proper fit.

Our friend is now testing the third version of this product, which is way thicker than we originally thought.

  • Syncros Computer top Cap

 We are currently testing different fits for a one-piece computer top cap compatible with Syncros stems and combos.