Next for 2023

Happy New Year! Thank you for sticking with us!

We are still updating our current products thanks to the feedback we get from our customers. 

This year, we decided to drop some products which we were not satisfying with:

- Crankstop for Sram DUB: DUB is just a really tight standard that lets almost no space for a crankstop, which made it impossible to make an easy and strong product.

- Crankstop Euro standards: There is no real demand for this old standard as almost everyone is riding either Shimano 24 mm or DUB standards.

- Bosch motor cover: This is just too much beating to take for a plastic part.

- Syncros Compunter Top Cap: Resin is not strong enough to support the torque necessary for the headset.

We are also started working on creating custom helmet chin mounts, scanning helmets to get the perfect fit!